According to the World Health Organization report in February 2018, cancer is a leading cause of deaths today globally! What worries even more is that, around one third of deaths from cancer caused by leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

Several research studies that have been carried out recently with regard to cancer show that sugar is the main source of fuel which feeds cancer and contributes to an inflammatory environment. Therefore, adopting a Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle can not only prevent cancer but even destroy it by depriving it of nourishment. 

Cancer is a collective term given to the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body, which develop when the body’s normal immune system is weakened by external factors. These abnormal cells growths are referred to as tumors, they can grow their own blood supply network and spread throughout the body in later stages. The damage caused to muscle tissue, organs, arteries, and veins by these cancer cells are fought by a protein called fibrin.

Today millions of people are still being prescribed conventional treatments to fight their cancer which may involve Surgery, chemotherapy and also radiotherapy. These treatments are very invasive with severe side effects and very low success rates.

Serrapeptase has proved its efficacy in treating all cancer types. It does this by inhibiting the growth of fibrin, thus stopping the tumor from attaching to the proteins and creating its own blood supply. When Serrapeptase encounters fragments of cancer cells in the blood stream, it prevents them from sticking to other proteins due to its proteolytic mechanism in the blood.

Serrapeptase in combination with a LCHF lifestyle prevents cancer and many other illnesses, by assuring a good blood circulation which will nourish and deliver abundant oxygen, keeping the cells healthy.


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