About SerraNutrition

The idea and concept for this page originated from my late brother Roger Weizenegger, who was a retired hospitality expert with a degree in Hotel management from one of the World’s leading hospitality Universities; École hôtelière de Lausanne, in Switzerland. He was very passionate for food and its health-related benefits.

Back in the 80s, he studied as a nutritionist but eventually realized, that what he had been taught was totally wrong! It was actually making people fatter and sicker. Later in life, he learned about the LCHF diet. Very impressed about the results of this diet, which is really a change in lifestyle more than a diet, he positioned himself as an educator of healthy lifestyle through simple food. “What you eat reflects directly onto your health”. For years, he researched on food and nutrition until he became an advocate of “The Low Carb, High & Healthy Fat lifestyle”.

Through his seminars he was able to help hundreds of people across the World, to reduce weight and threat their underlying illnesses caused by an excess of carbohydrates.

At about the same time, as he discovered the LCHF lifestyle, he was diagnosed with Angina; a coronary disease which can lead to a heart attack if not treated. Doctors recommended undergoing a bypass surgery. After some research, however, he stumbled upon the Serrapeptase Enzyme Therapy, and he decided to give it a try in combination with the LCHF lifestyle.

Within 2 weeks, chest tightness, pain in his left shoulder and arm just vanished miraculously. Preventively, he daily took Serrapeptase as it also provides great vitality and well-being.

Today, I would like to share Roger's knowledge with you, in order to make you also profit from this great combination for health; Serrapeptase and a LCHF lifestyle.

Brigitte Pellegrini-Weizenegger