This is an inflammatory process that affects the soft and hard tissues surrounding dental implants. In severe cases, it may lead to bone loss. It usually occurs without the patient being aware that they have it until after a long period of time.

Risk factors include poor immune system, which occur as a result of poor diet and bad lifestyle choices.  Smoking may also lead to bone loss due to its constriction of the blood vessels. Other underlying causes are diabetes and osteoporosis.  There are also surgical risk factors that may cause peri-implantitis to arise.

The best-known treatment for peri-implantitis today is the use of enzyme based anti-inflammatory therapy; Serrapeptase. It is very selective and efficient and relieves the inflammation caused by dental implants as well as increasing the blood flow to the affected areas. It does not only act as a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory agent, but also improves your immune system. In order to enhance the efficacy of Serrapeptase, a LCHF lifestyle should be adopted; this consists in minimizing the carbohydrate intake and increasing foods which contain healthy fats.


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