Sinus, Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases, Asthma And Emphysema

Consistent cough, sinus pains, mucus secretion and wheezing are among those annoying symptoms caused by these diseases, which cause a lot of discomfort and in some can lead to death. Be it caused by allergies or in chronic cases, symptoms worsen during the cold seasons or when an allergic person comes in contact with dust, pollen, animal fur or any other allergen. Patients with any of these conditions suffer nasal blockage and difficulty in breathing.

Conventional treatment of these chronic conditions has not been successful over the years since the pharma industry is keen on selling sprays and drugs to hinder the symptoms and not really interested in treating the underlying cause which is inflammation.

The combination of Serrapeptase Enzyme and a LCHF lifestyle brings great relieve to the above conditions by inhibiting inflammation. Great results can be expected on a medium to long term time span, allowing to improve or even reverse these diseases.


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