Breast Engorgement

Serrapeptase has shown its efficacy in treating breast engorgement. It’s a condition that affects lactating mothers allover across the world. It’s the development of hard, swollen and painful breasts from too much milk. The engorgement usually occurs in the mammary glands due to the expansion and pressure cause by storage of breast milk. In most cases breasts can become extremely large, tight, lumpy and tender. The swelling may go all the way to the armpits also affecting your back.

Breast engorgement can make it very difficult for a baby to breastfeed due to painful nipples and low milk supply. If not addressed timely it causes fever to the breastfeeding mother and in the long run may lead to serious health concerns.

Serrapeptase Enzyme is the solution for new mothers, since it has the property to reduce inflammation, thus hindering pain and swelling of the breasts within a very short span of time. No recorded adverse effect whatsoever, Serrapeptase is natural, effective and safe method for the treatment of breast engorgement.


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