Serrapeptase For Heart Health

Serrapeptase is known for its numerous benefits in the body, including its ability to prevent heart attacks, strokes as well as other cardiovascular diseases. Unlike other conventional treatment methods, Serrapeptase has the outstanding property that it dissolves all non-living deposits in the body without causing any harm to healthy living tissues.

Although there are several diseases that can affect the heart, the most common disease of the heart is the coronary artery disease. This is where the arteries become clogged, frail and relatively narrower preventing free flow of blood thus starving the heart muscle of both oxygen and nutrients; which eventually can lead to a heart attack. It can also interfere with key brain arteries, leading to thrombotic strokes and eventually high blood pressure. This clogging and blockage is most often a build-up of sugar induced cholesterol, cellular waste products and other substances which form plaque in the arteries.

Common heart attack symptoms may include pressure, aching sensation in the chest or arms that may spread to the neck. Shortness of breath is a noted symptom, as well as sudden dizziness.

Serrapeptase is now one of the most effective enzyme for not only preventing but also reversing the numerous forms of inflammation in the body which lead to cardiovascular disease. It is known to have fibrinolytic- ability to digest excessive amounts of the proteins known as fibrin, which causes the blood to clot or thicken. It basically digests dead and inflamed tissue.

The combination of a lifestyle changes in the way one eats and Serrapeptase has enormous beneficial effects on cardiovascular disease without causing any side effects.


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